A Random Cloud

I made a website called A Random Cloud where I will post on-location drawings I make of clouds. I began drawing specifically for this site a week ago. Looking up and drawing a cloud is a cathartic experience and I highly recommend it. I find myself noticing the sky more and have developed an interest in the ten basic cloud types.

I use an Apple Pencil, iPad Pro and a drawing program called Procreate. This combination of hardware and software have changed the way I draw. I now have the ability to draw digitally wherever I am using brushes and simple effects I can’t live without (thanks to Photoshop). The website is coded in HTML, CSS and a little PHP (to randomize the clouds on the server end).

My goal is that you never see the same cloud twice in one visit. This will of course take years of drawing and posting to achieve, but I know I can do it. I just started going to the gym again so I figure I’ll be living a long and healthy life. That’s how it works, right?

Check it out: A Random Cloud


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