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I am a husband, father and full-time creative professional who works hard to balance his responsibilities and dreams. I created this blog to be a place for me to share tips, ideas and review things I find invaluable. In other words, this is a blog about things important to me.

After a lifetime of juggling personal projects that stop shortly after they start, I’m ready to build momentum and develop my writing ability through regular online publishing. Since becoming a father in 2013, my life has completely transformed into something new. The Perezidence is a place where I will document this new world I live in. My hope is that you find some value in what you see here. I’ll be illustrating my posts so please know, all artwork is done by me: copyrighted, trademarked and all that. Please don’t steal my drawings. You can post them elsewhere, but do give me credit.

I will post as often as I can, which might be infrequent. However, if there’s something super weird I saw on the subway or some funny joke I just have to tell you, I’ll post it ASAP. I invite you comment and come back often.

At your service,

Hansel Perez
The Perezidence


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